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Name: Andrea Ament   Instagram: @thesaltycanary   Blog: Salty Canary   Where do you live?: Los Angeles, CA   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 35,926   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? It used to be fun architecture and signs when traveling, but now it’s mostly of my two kiddos!     What photograph or artwork in your home brings you the most joy? What’s the story behind it? I
Name: Codi Lynn Warmerdam   Instagram: @creativewifeandjoyfulworker   Blog: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker   Where do you live?: Abbotsford, BC, Canada   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 14,335   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? I am a mother of three kids that loves being busy getting out of the house and exploring. The majority of the photos on my phone are of my family exploring the beautiful places
Did you know? We recently added a new size of our best-selling Square Prints to our site… Meet our 2.75” Tiny Square Prints! Not only are they the most adorable print in our lineup, but you can order a set of 20 bordered or borderless minis for just $5! We love Tiny Prints so much, that we use them for all sorts of fun things – and we couldn’t wait to share some ideas with
At Parabo, Washi Tape has a sweet spot in our hearts. It adds a burst of color to anything in your home and is sticky enough to hold up photo prints (but not so sticky that it’ll damage your walls or prints). We never pass up a creative idea and are excited to share these fun, new uses for Square Prints + Washi Tape. Decorate a bare wall Look at this adorable house and family
We love printing photos around here (if you didn’t already know), so we asked one of our favorite photographers to tell us their favorite reasons to print. Sacramento-based photographer Christina Best shares her most important reasons why she encourages her clients – and all of you – to print out physical photos! Being in the business of capturing your best moments and documenting memories is so important, and is something I don’t take lightly. I
Name: Katelyn   Instagram: @katelynheier   Blog: I’m a Customer Advocate for Parabo Press!   Where do you live?: Madison, WI   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 1,766   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? My goal this year is to take a photo or video every day of something that will remind me of the joy of that day. It’s been a mixture of friends, family, nature, and food!
Wanna learn alchemy? Wanna know how to photograph a rainbow? Then listen up, because there’s photography gold at the end of this rainbow. More specifically, we’re gonna show you three ways to create a rainbow and then photograph it. Pick up a tip or two on how to photograph a rainbow and you’ll be gold, baby, solid gold. Method 1: Water + Mirror You probably have these in your house right now! Fill a glass
You’ve spent all winter dreaming of and planning out the most perfect summer vacation. Now, the time is here and you’re ready to catch that flight or hop in that mini van! Along with packing all of your vacation essentials, don’t forget to pack your camera! We want you to remember your favorite travel memories for years to come, so we’re giving you our top tips for grabbing those perfect travel shots. 1. Plan ahead
Scrolling through your camera roll is cool and all, but leafing through the pages of a photo book is just more magical. We’d make a photo book for every occasion, but who has the time? Turns out, if you’ve got 10 minutes, you do! Our good pal Laurel on the Parabo team took a trip to Thailand and put together a photo book of her adventures in less than 10 minutes. And, she’s here to
Name: Audrey Crisp   Instagram: @audreycrispinteriors   Blog: Audrey Crisp Interiors   Where do you live?: Rancho Mission Viejo, CA   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 37,052   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? Mostly my home, my kids are a close second. I post pictures of my house for my Instagram, and I take pics of my kids cause they’re cute!     What photograph or artwork in your