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Name: Somala Jasmine   Instagram: @somalajasmine   Where do you live?: Melbourne, Australia   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 7,855       What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? Definitely landscapes & streetscapes. I love the colours that are found in nature & how they make me feel – so relaxed & grounded. I love streetscapes because they are beautiful in their own way & often make me feel nostalgic
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The end of summer is near and we love looking back on the fun we’ve had over the past few months (and have plenty of photos to show for it)! We make great memories while on trips near and far, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the little moments during your trips over time. Pictures say a thousand words, especially paired with a journal entry about your experiences so that you don’t forget those precious
It’s time to head back to school and get yourself settled for the start of a new academic year. While your dorm room may be a tight space with stark walls, there’s plenty you can do to make it a warm and inviting space to call home for the next year. Following are some easy and affordable ideas to brighten up your space with favorite faces, places, pets and plants. (Plus, we’ve teamed up with
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Name: Sarah Wilson, The Wandering Rumpus   Instagram: @thewanderingrumpus   Blog: The Wandering Rumpus   Where do you live?: Nashville, TN   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 7,000   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? My kids/family, Nashville and my travels! They are so fun to photograph and document. They allow me to bring up memories and stories that I cherish.     What photograph or artwork in your home
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We all cherish family photos, especially the ones that convey emotion and tell a story. There’s nothing more beautiful than looking back at a photo and understanding something in the picture that goes beyond the simple images shown — understanding the true emotion felt at that time. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when photographing loved ones. Keep it real A forced smile is no good, so try to keep from directing