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What’s a Zine?
Indigenous to anywhere anyone has ever had something to say, a zine is a self published mini magazine or pamphlet. They’re often printed on home printers, photo copiers or handwritten/drawn and passed out for free or traded. They can cover absolutely any subject.

We particularly love photo-zines! Anyone can make a photo-zine.

You could photocopy a bunch of instax prints from a party and pass your zines out to guests (since most instant cams print just one copy). Or, gather photos, tickets and other mementos from a trip or event to make a mini scrapbook. You can even shoot a series of photos that tell a story to make your own short-fiction zine.

No matter what you fill it with, you’re going to want a sturdy (and stylish) way to bind your pages together. So, we’ve collected up our 3 favorite DIY ways to bind a zine.

Read along and choose your favorite.

First up, Stitch Binding

One elegant way to hold your zine together is with a needle and thread. It’s a good look and a sturdy hold, but no serious sewing skills are required. Just …

  • Your pages/cover
  • Embroidery thread
  • An extra sturdy needle

Step 1. Poke Three Holes in Your Zine
Use your needle (or any sharp pokey thing) to make three holes along the spine of your zine. One near the top, one near the bottom and one smack in the middle.

Step 2. Start Sewing
Thread your needle and sew from inside your zine, out the top hole. Then, sew back on through the bottom hole. Unthread your needle (for now).

Step 3. One Last Stitch
Rethread your needle with both ends of your string, so you can pull both ends through the middle hole. Now, pull them through.

Step 4. Tie It All Up
Pull the ends nice and snug. Then tie them into a bow or a knot to finish things off. Zine accomplished.

Next up, Tape Binding

This method uses good old tape to hold everything together, proving that with a bit of extra care, humble materials can make wonderful creations. All you need is …

  • Your paper pages
  • Clear tape
  • Extra-pretty washi tape

Step 1. Know When To Fold ‘Em
Fold each set of pages in half, right down the middle.

Step 2. Pair Them Off
Tape each pair of pages to the next by laying them spine to spine (page openings out to either side) and putting clear tape down the middle.

Step 3. Pretty Up the Spine
Once each set of pages has been secured to the next, use extra pretty tape to cover the spine on the outside.

Lastly, The Accordion Zine

The least book-like of these three methods, the Accordion Zine strikes the perfect chord of extra creative presentation and ease of creation. Simply gather …

  • A cardstock cover
  • The inner pages
  • Clear tape
  • Glue

Step 1. Lineup
Line your pages up into one long strip and tape together the edges.
Step 2. Get Your Fold On
Accordion fold the pages. Back and forth and back and forth.
Step 3. It’s a Stick Up
Glue the back of your very last page onto the inside of your sturdy cover.

No time to DIY?
Make an Accordion Zine filled with your 14 best photos with just a few taps of the Parabo Press App.

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