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Turns out it is possible to deck your walls and remain in the good graces of your landlord. It just takes a few simple supplies, some ingenuity and a little know-how. You grab the supplies, we’ve got the know-how.

Good New Fashioned Tape
Scotch and Duct aren’t the only tapes in town anymore. Grab any colorful painters’ tape, adorable washi tape, even shiny mylar tape to affix your prints to your walls.

Just be sure to tape a little test strip to a corner of your room and onto a test piece of paper to make sure its stickiness isn’t too much for your paint/print to handle.

Magical Command Strips
At first we were skeptical but now we swear by these things. Command strips are widely available, come in all shapes and sizes and they will hold anything short of a live cat to a wall.

Simply consult the back of the package for how many strips to use (they can hold several pounds of art + frame) and hang away. Removal is a breeze.
Cardboard? More Like, Cardfascinated
Grab a big sheet of clean cardboard and clip or tape your print to it, to give your art the heft it needs to stand up on its own.

You can leave the cardboard big to add a border, or cut it to the size of your print for a floating effect. Then, simply lean your art on the wall.

Fishing for Compliments
Fishing line can hold up a 10 lb. (delicious) bass. Turns out it can also hold several pretty prints.

We love the look of floating photos you get by taping up some line, or hanging it between two lamps, then taping or clipping prints to it.


Pegboard To The Rescue
Take your wall out of the equation entirely. Lean a large sheet of pegboard against your wall, then use hooks to hang frames or clips, to display your prints.

Giant sheets of pegboard are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores. Plus, we love its polkadotty look.

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