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We can’t seem to get enough of metallics in home décor, but we have read the saga of King Midas.

We’ve learned from his mistakes and promise to only decorate with gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals, in moderation.

Here are 10 of our favorite ways to get down with this Midasian trend.

Hang It

A simple metal lampshade looks great floating above any room.

(Click any of the photos in this post to get to more info.)

Hang Your Art with It

Display your favorite shots with nothing but the best (and shiny-est!)

Magnets and copper pipe make a great hanging display, while mylar tape is so simple yet unexpected.

Accessorize with It

Accessorizing your table/shelf-scape with bowls is a win win.

They add a pop of shine anywhere you plop them, and provide extra storage.

Pair it with Nature

We love the contrast of stark cold metal with organics.

Pair copper with your favorite houseplant, or grab a modern update to brass candlesticks.

Build with It

Copper pipes are a hardware store standard.

And, the internet is full of tutorials for using them as table legs, bookshelf brackets and countless other home furnishings. No plumbing skills required.

Wear It

We’re not just talking golden rings.

A pair of shiny shoes or brassy hair band add bling where you least expect it.


Alchemists have been stumped for centuries …

But any good crafter knows, a little paint can turn anything into gold (or silver, or brass.)

DIY Spray It

This is some next level metallurgy. Well, painting technically.

A can of copper spraypaint and a lot of masking tape can turn up the shine big time.

Inflate It

Grab a bouquet of silvery balloons for your next bash.

Or, tie your balloons with golden ribbons for a more subtle look.

Wallpaper with It

Midas may have had a point! If you’re going metallic, you may as well go all out.

Use streamer panels or sheets of mylar to create an entire wall of shine.

See OVER 60 MORE IDEAS on our Metallics Pinterest Board.

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