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Call us Metallica because we love metal. Well, photos printed on metal.

They’re crazy vibrant and crisp, extra durable and the way they’re made is almost magic. No, better than magic … science!

Take a peek into our production facility (aka our print party palace) and see just how we turn your photos into metallic magic.

Oh, there’s already a group called Metallica, you say? Fine, call us Parabo Press.

Flip it and Reverse It

First your photo is printed with special dye onto a special transfer surface (paper. It’s special paper)!

Bring in the Metal

Next, we bust out a sheet of our super magic metal. It’s better than the average metal sheet you might find at you local hardware joint. It’s sporting a scratch resistant, UV blocking, beautifully matte, protective coating.

Panini Time

Your photo goes facedown onto the metal sheet and the whole photo sandwich is ready for our heat press. Our seriously hot heat press.

It’s a Gas

Here is the crazy part. Just crazy. The 400 degree heat from the press turns the dye into gas. It just skips the liquid state altogether and becomes a gas.

All that heat opens up teeny tiny pores in the protective coating on the metal sheet and that dye-turned-gas makes its way onto the metal.

And that, is called sublimation.

The Big Reveal

Your creation makes its way out of the press and presto … it’s a metal print!

Isn’t it pretty?

Order your own metal print in the Parabo Press App, or right here.

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