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Did you know we run the most fun photo gear shop on the internet? We do!

It’s called Photojojo and it’s what we did before we got into the photo printing biz.

Anyhoozle, we’ve been snapping pics and playing with photo taking gizmos for years and years (yes, we had lenses for the original iPhone).

So, we’re here to recommend our favorite gadgets that have helped us step up our phone-photo snapping game. ‘Cuz after all, better photos make better prints!

Phoneography Basics:

Magnetic Phone Lenses

These little cuties are made from real glass, and snap onto your phone via magnetic power.

Switch them out to add Fisheye, Wide Angle, super close-up Macro, Telephoto and more effects as you shoot. LEARN MORE

The Pocket Spotlight

If photography is all about catching light, you want to make sure you always have the very best.

The Pocket Spotlight spreads bright even light, that is better controlled than your phone’s flash, since it can be mounted at any angle, or hand-held in just the right spot. LEARN MORE

Gorillapod Mobile

It’s the third hand you’ve always wanted.

The Gorillapod mobile holds onto your phone for you, and its bendable legs adjust to any situation. LEARN MORE

Bluetooth Shutter Remote

A Shutter Remote is the magic wand of the photography world.

We love ours so much, we wrote up ten reasons you might just need one. LEARN MORE

iPhone Wrist Strap

We’re always whipping out our phones for photos on the fly, or dangling at odd angles to get the perfect shot, so we’ll take all the extra protection we can get.

The iPhone Wrist Strap has saved our phones from many a screen-destroying drop. LEARN MORE

For Video Shooters:

Smoovie and the Wireless Mighty Mic

Smoovie keeps your phone stabilized as you move for ready-steady videos every time.

Stand far away from your phone while still recording crystal clear sound with the Wireless Mighty Mic. LEARN MORE ABOUT SMOOVIE or LEARN MORE ABOUT MIGHTY MIC

For Product Photographers:


The Foldio is a portable light studio, that gives you a boxful of perfectly even light and seamless backdrops.

Those are our very favorite gadgets for phoneographers, but we’ve got even more goodies for photo snappers of all types in the Photojojo Shop. Stop on by anytime. LEARN MORE

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