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Whether your Pops is an Instagram pro, or just likes snapping photos of family fun now and then, he’s sure to love a gizmo from our photo gear shop, Photojojo!

Save $10 on any photo goodies over $30 from Photojojo through this weekend with the gift code ParaboDad.

Photojojo Phone Lenses

For the photo-making dad looking to take his photos to the next level.
$89 for the set w/coupon

12x Telephoto iPhone Lens

For the dad looking to take his photos up twelve more levels.
$25 w/Coupon

Aquapac Waterproof DSLR Case

Perfect for photographing splashy family fun.
$89.95 w/coupon

Cord Tacos + Apple Juice Power Pack

Taco ‘bout a punny gift – portable power and handy cable carriers.
$44 for both w/coupon

Polaroid Snap Instant Camera

A digital camera and portable printer had a baby.
Starts at $89 w/coupon

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