Organize Your Recipes with Square Prints

The leaves have started to change, the air is becoming chilly, and PSL‘s are everywhere – fall is on the way!

One of our favorite things about fall is making and baking delicious recipes with seasonal ingredients – but it’s easy to lose track of your favorite recipes year after year.

We partnered with the incredible food blogger @thesunshineeatery to teach you a quick and easy DIY for your making your own recipe cards out of our free Square Prints. And just think – you can use all that extra time and money saved searching for recipes to make yourself a second batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Step 1. Get inspired and make something delicious!

Open your favorite cookbooks, call up mom or start experimenting. Once you’re finished making a favorite recipe, snap a picture of it!

You don’t have to be an amazing chef or stylist, either – any visual cue will help you remember how the dish should look, making it easier to replicate in the future.

Step 2. Print those foodie photos

Head to our site and print your photos on Square Prints. Your photos will be printed on a thick, matte card stock that will remain durable through the cooking process – and as an added bonus, your first 25 are free.

Step 3. Write it out!

Once your prints arrive in the mail, flip them over and get ready to write! Each one has plenty of blank white space, so grab a pen (we recommend something more permanent, like a skinny Sharpie) and copy that recipe!

Store them in a safe place for seasons to come, so you’ll never be without the most perfect apple pie, ever again.

All of the delicious food photos featured in this blog were provided by our pal Viola at @thesunshineeatery. Her Instagram is filled with amazing, drool-worthy shots, and her YouTube channel has even more in-depth looks at her recipes.

And now, it’s your turn!

We hope you love the idea of turning your photos into recipe cards. This is also a super fun gift idea for a housewarming, a new bride and groom, or as a thanks to mom for all of her helpful cooking tips through the years.