2018 Fall Decor Trends


Fall is here and we’re SO excited! Our Madison office is completely surrounded by warm and golden leafy hues, with more seasonal changes on the way! Including the welcoming of sweater season, trips to the pumpkin patch, and PSL’s with our gal pals.

With all these colorful autumn vibes, we’re feeling really inspired to give our spaces a fresh Fall vibe. Who knows, maybe we’ll decorate our offices too!

We’ve been checking out Pinterest for inspo and this seems to be the season for floral wall hangings, rich amber hues, and more. Read along to see which Fall trends we can’t get enough of.

(Click any of the photos in this post to get to more info.)

Dried Florals

Bring a touch of nature into your fall decor without giving off a harvest vibe. Repurpose an old bouquet by wrapping your stems around a wire hoop to create a wreath or hang those pretty blooms on the wall. Pro-tip: incorporate photos, like a light-weight Newsprint, for an extra personal touch. Embracing this trend just means you need to buy some new flowers so why not!

Amber and Golden Hues

Reinvent your fall decor pallet by playing up rich ambers and other golden hues! There are multiple ways to bring these tones into your space: statement art (like an Engineer Print), flowers, and other cozy textiles. These warm colors will help create a welcoming atmosphere that you adore so much, you might just keep it all year long.

Plaid and Gingham Patterns

Add a bold (okay, maybe medium bold) pattern to your decor with plaid or gingham pieces! We love this classic style because it allows for a smooth decor transition from fall to holiday, which is the ideal goal of any interior designer. If you’re looking to incorporate this trend into your space, look for pieces with muted tones as they’ll stay in style for years to come.

Gord-geous Decor

Play up the fall vibes with affordable and fun, gord-geous decor! We love this trend because it’s incredibly versatile. Paint your bountiful arrangement to match the style of your home or go au naturel with a DIY Square Print photo display. Pro-tip: utilize the print stand DIY at your Friendsgiving dinner as place cards or at your family celebration for guests of honor.