DIY: Turn Your Photos into One-of-a-Kind Paintings

Our photo papers are sooooo nice!

“How nice are they?”

Thanks for asking. They’re so nice and thick and gloriously matte, that you can paint right on them. So we did!

See just how to turn your photo prints into paintastic masterpieces – even if you’re not a natural born Picasso.

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Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

We love it when you share your photos with us! Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of creative ways you’ve “engineered” our Engineer Prints to hang in your spaces.

So, we gathered up our favorite inspirational posts, to help folks trying to decide just where to hang their next 3 foot by 4 foot masterpiece. Scroll along to see Black & White and Color Engineer Prints hanging in bedrooms, art studios and more.

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Extra Extra: Newsprints Make Great Giftwrap

Our name is Parabo and we’re here to say, we love wrapping in a major way.

Wrapping presents, that is. This year, we’re wrapping our gifts in our very own photos!

Our Newsprint Prints make super wrapping paper. They don’t rip very easily, but fold quite nicely around boxes, basketballs, whatever it is you’re trying to wrap.

For ONE DAY ONLY we’re selling our newsprints for just $5, so you can pick up bunches and beautify all your prezzies.

Use the coupon NEWS5 at checkout, before midnight 12/6.

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How to Make Risograph Party Hats

Can you believe we’re one year old?!

We’re so proud of our first year as Parabo Press and so thankful for all of you, that we’ve got a big surprise coming your way in just 2 days – look for a big news on Nov. 17th.

In the mean time, we’re getting ready to party by turning a couple of Risograph Prints into party hats. Read along to see just how it’s done.
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DIY: Risograph NASA Posters

The one and only drawback to gazing up at the nighttime sky is the restrictive time frame.

Our solution? No, not banishing the sun, that sounds problematic for so many reasons, not to mention impossible.

We’re bringing the night sky inside of our homes with this simple DIY. No sun extinguishing required. In fact, all you need is the internet. Got it? Great, let’s get making …
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Four Creative Ways to Use Square Prints

Let’s be real: we all have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Instagrams in our feeds, not to mention the billions(?) of photos that never leave the comfort of our phones’ camera rolls.

We’d print out every last one of them, but we’ve only got so much wall space. We have to stop turning our photos into Square Prints when we’ve covered our walls, right? Wrong!

It turns out there are tons of creative and fun other ways to use Square Prints. Read along for four of our faves and never. stop. printing.

Oh, and if you want a set of our large square prints for only $5. Hit the upsize button after you choose your photos in the Parabo App and use the code GOBIG at checkout.
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