Editors’ Picks: Phoneography Gear

Did you know we run the most fun photo gear shop on the internet? We do!

It’s called Photojojo and it’s what we did before we got into the photo printing biz.

Anyhoozle, we’ve been snapping pics and playing with photo taking gizmos for years and years (yes, we had lenses for the original iPhone).

So, we’re here to recommend our favorite gadgets that have helped us step up our phone-photo snapping game. ‘Cuz after all, better photos make better prints!

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Photo Tips: Play with Angles to Improve your Images

Take a look through Instagram these days, and you’ll see rows of mesmerizing images of ordinary objects. How can you capture the ordinary and make it worthy of putting up on your bedroom wall?

It’s all about those angles, baby. This isn’t geometry class, so forget about that acute and obtuse stuff — just start experimenting. Here are our tips on how to get started:

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How to Print the Perfect Risograph

We can’t seem to decide how we’re pronouncing “risograph.” Does the “riso” part rhyme with chorizo? Or is it more like the beginning of rise-o and shine-o?

In any case, everyone here does agree wholeheartedly that we’re in love with risograph prints. We’ve about covered our office in these neon screenprint-like gems. So, today we’re sharing pics of the insides of our new robo-riso-maker (we love its inky guts) and our tips on what photos make the very best risograph prints.

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How Big Can I Print My Photos?

Why are we here? Where’s the Nutella? How big can I print this photo?

Some mysteries are too big to solve, but the printing thing? Oh, we’ve got this printing thing down and we’re here to help.

We’re going to explain how to find the file size of your, yes, your photo, and just what that means in the grand scheme of (printing) things.
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