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Spring is here! Parabo HQ is in Wisconsin, so you know we’re happy to say buh-bye to the snow. There are tulips peeking up in front of our office right now!

As Mother’s Nature gets ready to really show off outside, we’ve got that itch to redecorate our inside spaces.

We’ve been browsing Instagram for inspo and this seems to be the season for bright rich colors, mix-n-match textures and more. Read along to see which Spring-y trends we can’t get enough of.

(Click any of the photos in this post to get to more info.)

Bright Jewel Tones

Buh bye Winter cool, soft, blues. Hello, colorful Spring pallets. This year we’re not seeing Easter-y pastels, it’s all about rich bright colors. Don’t be afraid to mix them up all around the room.

Live Plants

It’s quite frankly, the easiest time of year for houseplant upkeep, so we’re stocking up. There are so many cute pots and plant hangers out there, we’re dangerously close to filling every inch of our space with plant life.

Natural Materials

Wicker and rattan everything. This trend crept in last year with seagrass baskets, but natural fibers are not just holding blankets anymore. We’re seeing wicker décor, chairs, even headboards.

Encouraging Felt Letter Boards

We love home décor that is completely personal (hello, photo prints). A felt letter board lets you match your décor to your mood … “Today is my favorite!” “Keep on keepin’ on, Missy” “Whatever Forever.”

Pieces that Make You Happy

We love seeing people decorating with items that they just love. Whether it’s a giant 3×4′ Engineer Print of your favorite flower or bright and colorful pillows, this season’s mix-n-match style is perfect for incorporating pieces you love, just cuz.

Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper lets you change up your décor in a BIG way. Unfortunately, it used to be a BIG pain to remove. Fortunately, NOT anymore. We’re seeing more and more temporary wallpaper. Accent wall here we come.

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