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Planning a wedding starts almost immediately after getting engaged, and one of the first things couples look into is a wedding photographer. Photography is important not only for the big day, but for engagement photos, too! We know finding a photographer and taking engagement photos is a big investment, so we searched high and low to research and answer the five most commonly asked questions to help make your decision a little bit easier. 1.
We snap photos so fine, we don’t need editing apps … but every now and then a photo needs a touch of sharpening, or a cooling filter, or a clip art robot, just to spruce it up. Who are we kidding? We’re obsessed with editing apps. Read along to see our favorite editing apps, and you’ll be a pro editor in no time – whether you snap perfect pics or not. Fine Tune Snapseed is
Name: Victoria Schneider   Instagram: @govictoria   Blog: The Southern Trunk   Where do you live?: Georgia   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 7,559   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? Almost always my two sons. They are the happiest things to capture and they are always with me. I love journaling about them through images.     What photograph or artwork in your home brings you the most joy?
Heading on summer vacay soon? Maybe a trip to the city or a national park? We love seeing travel photos blown up to larger-than-life prints on 4x3 foot Engineer Prints – an affordable way to transform cherished moments into large-scale art. But if you can’t decide which family photo to enlarge, capture the journey instead. Use Engineer Prints to turn that amazing place or hike into giant wall art! Check out these super cool Engineer
National Photography Month has come to a close, but here to stay is the natural beauty and joyful moments photography captures all around us. It was a fun month of celebration, building up to an amazing grand prize giveaway that includes a 4-Day Winter Photo Tour in Iceland. Thanks to ALL of you passionate picture takers who dreamt about Iceland and took the time to enter for a chance to win the trip, the camera


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