Q&A with Victoria Smith, sfgirlbybay

Victoria Smith is an interior design blogger and Instagram aficionado. She’s dabbled as an art buyer and stylist. Earlier this year she published a stunning photography book called See San Francisco. Oh, and all of us here at Parabo Press have a collective crush on her.

So, we talked to her about her photography inspiration, shooting technique, what photos make the best prints and just how she got so dang cool.

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Photo Tips: Play with Angles to Improve your Images

Take a look through Instagram these days, and you’ll see rows of mesmerizing images of ordinary objects. How can you capture the ordinary and make it worthy of putting up on your bedroom wall?

It’s all about those angles, baby. This isn’t geometry class, so forget about that acute and obtuse stuff — just start experimenting. Here are our tips on how to get started:

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Editors’ Picks: Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

Just because you can eat a ham sandwich without mustard, doesn’t mean you should. Similarly, you can print any photo without editing it to perfection first. But, we like things spicy! So we’ve got enough photo editing apps on our phones to fill the vast shelves of the National Mustard Museum.

Apps to tweak the focus, apps to make collages and whole-grain apps with horseradish. Read along to find out our very favorite photo editing apps, all available on your Android or iPhone!

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Print Methods We Love: Newsprints

What’s black, white and read all over? Well, that joke doesn’t work typed out – but that won’t stop us from typing it.

You can’t stop us from printing photos on newsprint either, even though that stuff was made for printing the news. We’re free spirits like that.

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How to Print the Perfect Risograph

We can’t seem to decide how we’re pronouncing “risograph.” Does the “riso” part rhyme with chorizo? Or is it more like the beginning of rise-o and shine-o?

In any case, everyone here does agree wholeheartedly that we’re in love with risograph prints. We’ve about covered our office in these neon screenprint-like gems. So, today we’re sharing pics of the insides of our new robo-riso-maker (we love its inky guts) and our tips on what photos make the very best risograph prints.

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Editors’ Picks: Metallic Décor

We can’t seem to get enough of metallics in home décor, but we have read the saga of King Midas.

We’ve learned from his mistakes and promise to only decorate with gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals, in moderation.

Here are 10 of our favorite ways to get down with this Midasian trend.
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