How Big Can I Print My Photos?

Why are we here? Where’s the Nutella? How big can I print this photo?

Some mysteries are too big to solve, but the printing thing? Oh, we’ve got this printing thing down and we’re here to help.

We’re going to explain how to find the file size of your, yes, your photo, and just what that means in the grand scheme of (printing) things.
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DIY: How to Bind a Zine

What’s a Zine?
Indigenous to anywhere anyone has ever had something to say, a zine is a self published mini magazine or pamphlet. They’re often printed on home printers, photo copiers or handwritten/drawn and passed out for free or traded. They can cover absolutely any subject.

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Print Methods We Love: Risographs

There are more ways to print a photo than there are to leave your lover. So, according to Paul Simon, at least 50.

The newest way we just can’t get enough of is the Risograph Machine … and hopping on the bus, Gus.

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