How to Throw a Parabo Print Swap Party

You’re invited! … to throw a print swap party, with free prints for all of your guests.

Christina did it, and you can too. Lean in close and we’ll tell you all about her Prints & Pals Party, and we’ll let you know how to throw your own.

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Everyone Loves Our NEW Old Prints

You know how La La Land had Jazz music, and Jazz music is actually really an old concept, but it was new and improved for the movie, and you LOVED it?

That’s how we feel about our Classic Prints – our same ol’ 100% recycled, matte paper that we’ve used for our Square Prints since the beginning, but now in your favorite classic sizes.

Grab a set in 4×6″ or 5×7″ and add a border – or don’t! Soon you’ll have 25 of your favorite photos to flip through while you listen to Ryan Gosling tickle those ivories and reminisce.

A few talented Instagrammers got a sneak peek of our Classic Prints and helped us spread the word. Their photos are so beautiful, we wanted to share them with you!

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Editors’ Picks: Phoneography Gear

Did you know we run the most fun photo gear shop on the internet? We do!

It’s called Photojojo and it’s what we did before we got into the photo printing biz.

Anyhoozle, we’ve been snapping pics and playing with photo taking gizmos for years and years (yes, we had lenses for the original iPhone).

So, we’re here to recommend our favorite gadgets that have helped us step up our phone-photo snapping game. ‘Cuz after all, better photos make better prints!

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How to Turn One Photo into a Square Print Grid

When we spotted Alex’s giant photo grid (made with our Square Prints!) on Instagram we flipped out over how good it looked – and regrammed it so fast.

We got a lot of questions along the lines of “how did he do that?” So, we’re here to answer.

We’ve gathered three, yup three, ways to turn one photo you love into an amazing photo grid.

And, if you want to try it out yourself, use the code GRID5 to get a set of our 4” square prints for free, or a set of 5.5” prints for just $5, plus the cost of shipping.

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How to Make a Cozy Photo Candle Holder

Is there anything cozier than a candle on a cold day? Probably a fireplace, but we don’t have one in the office.

How about a candle surrounded by your favorite memories in photo form?

Now that is a coziness bonanza, and it turns out photo candle holders aren’t very tough to make! Grab the Mod Podge and follow us for a step-by-step how-to (hyphen-party!).

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Ten Ways to Decorate Your Life With Washi Tape

Washi tape has found the sweet spot(s). It has a spot in our hearts, but also, the perfect spot on the stickiness spectrum.

It’s not so sticky that it’ll damage your walls or photo prints (heaven forbid). It is sticky enough to hold up prints, add color to your home, hang love notes … so many things.

In fact, you can scroll along to see our ten favorite uses for washi tape.

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