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Red and yellow and orange, oh my! It’s just about to officially be fall, and you know what that means: gorgeous colors everywhere begging to be photographed. But fall colors can be a tad tricky to capture accurately, so we’re giving you some tips to get it juuust right. Put on your cutest autumn accessories, grab your camera, and let’s go! 1. Polarize It Use a polarising filter on your DSLR lens or a clip-on
There’s nothing quite like that moment when you find out you’re expecting a baby – everything changes in an instant! Bring on the baby registries, baby showers… and photos of your baby bump! Maternity photography is a beautiful way to celebrate your little one and mark the transition into parenthood. Whether you opt for a romantic couples session or one with your whole family, these are sweet memories you don’t want to miss! Read along
Name: Jessica Brigham   Instagram: @imjessicabrigham   Blog: Jessica Brigham   Where do you live?: New Haven, Connecticut   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 3,577   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? Foodstagrammer: guilty as charged. Also, I’m addicted to shooting my home, the house fur balls and pretty much every plant I encounter that I love.     What photograph or artwork in your home brings you the most
Summer vacations are coming to a close – we’ve soaked up the sun, spent lots of time with family and friends and have captured countless memories through photographs. We’re strong believers that photos should find life outside of their digital space – through print! And one of our favorite ways to print big adventures is with our equally as big 3x4 feet Engineer Prints. And it turns out, you also think that! We looked to
Name: Jin Chu-Ferrer   Instagram: @jinchuferrer   Blog: Contradiction of Sorts   Where do you live?: Austin, Texas   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 67   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? Mostly Fine Art travel and candid memories with my little family. These two subjects are near and dear to my heart, as they are inspiration for my Photography.     What photograph or artwork in your home brings


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